A brother and sister were arrested on domestic violence charges after an argument over a sandwich turned violent.

Of course there are two sides of the story though. According to 20-year-old Brittany Peoples‘ account, she left a sandwich in the fridge last night. Her brother Demarcus, 22, ate it without her permission, and when she asked him about it, he became violent and “struck her several times.”

But Demarcus tells his side of the story a totally different way. He says Brittany came into his room the next morning yelling about the sandwich. He also says she tried to “pour shampoo on him” and then struck him with her hand several times.

Police were called to their home, and both refused medical treatment before they were arrested on a third-degree charge of domestic violence. Their bands were set at $300 each.

“That must have been one good sandwich. I bet when Demarcus ate it he never dreamed it would be the catalyst to jail,” said Chief Deputy Randy Christian. “I can just see his sister snapping when she realized her sandwich had been eaten. I completely understand that.”

All of that? Over a sandwich? The deputy is right … that had to have been a damn good sammich! SMH…


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