The “Running of the Bulls” is an annual week-long event event held in Spain where thousands of people run in front of usually a dozen or so bulls that have been let loose on a section off part of a town’s streets. And this year … a man was almost killed after an angry bull stabbed him in the leg with his horn.

Ever year, over 200 people are injured during the historic event, and about 15 have actually been killed since 1910. So far, no one has died this year … but an Australian man was gored in the leg Friday (Jul 8) by a 1,200-pound bull’s horn who sliced through an artery and vain in his leg. The man, who onlookers say waved his hands in front of the bull’s face (which is against the rules), is expected to survive.

Six other people, including two Americans, were also injured during the 2nd day of the 8-day run. On the first day, four people were hurt, including a 40-year-old Spanish man who suffered broken ribs and a fractured shoulder blade. Another man was injured on the second day when he fell and was trampled by nearly all of the 12 bulls.

The most recent death was 2009 when a man was gored to death during the fourth leg of the run. The largest crowds showed up for the fourth leg of the run yesterday (Sat. Jul 9).

More pics from the Running of the Bulls are below:

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