What’s worse than a bus driver talking on cell phone while driving? A bus driver talking on TWO cell phones while driving!

An Italian bus driver was suspended after he was caught on camera using not only 1, but 2 cell phones as he steered the bus with his elbow. Apparently, he was setting up his e-mail on 1 phone, while someone gave him instructions on the other.

This, people, is what we call multi-tasking!

Peep the footage and the details below:

Romans are inured to bus and taxi drivers trying to steer while talking on a mobile. But it would seem that at least some draw the line at using two telephones.

A bus driver in the Italian capital has been suspended from duty after being videoed while speeding through the city’s notoriously dangerous traffic using a mobile with one hand and a smartphone with the other. He was steering with his elbows.

The soundtrack shows he was taking instructions on the mobile on how to set up email on his smartphone. Visitors to Rome will be interested to know that the video was made on a journey from the Anagnina metro station to Ciampino airport – a route much used by low-cost airline passengers on their way out of the city.

The regional official responsible for transport, Francesco Lollobrigida, said the driver had been suspended and an inquiry would be held.

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