The next time you try to smuggle an enormous amount of drugs into another country….putting them in your shoes may not be the smartest idea.

A tour group in New Zealand could possibly face life in prison after being caught with $8 million worth of meth.

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A group of Malaysians posing as tourists was busted in New Zealand after authorities found nearly two pounds of methamphetamine stashed in each of their shoes.

Officials said the 10 traffickers were posing as an innocent tour group in order to try to throw cops off their scent.

But police at Auckland Airport got suspicious after checking the group’s schedules – and noticing that everyone in the group was walking funny, officials said.

“They had things like itineraries that were in English but (they) couldn’t speak English,” customs official Mark Day told TV New Zealand. “Those are the sorts of things that stand out to us.”

Customs officials valued the total haul at around $8 million dollars.

A group of Taiwan smugglers tried a similar stunt last year, posing as tourists to try to fool cops, Day said.

The group was made up of 10 men and two women. They told customs officials that they worked as waiters and builders.

They were booked on illegal drug importing charges and could face up to life in prison if convicted because meth is a Class A illegal drug in New Zealand.

The Malaysian Foreign Ministry reported recently that nearly half of the all country’s citizens arrested overseas were busted on drug charges, the Malaysian Star reported.

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They must have really been trying to get it in! SMH…

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