Prom is the time of year when you and your friends are supposed to get dressed up, vibe to good music, and ultimately live the high life. Well, recently a couple of Massachusetts juniors did just that. Emphasis on the “high life.”

Read the story below:

A Massachusetts prom came to an abrupt end after students became violently ill from eating pot-laced brownies, according to school officials and police.

Three students at the North Andover High School junior prom were sent to the hospital as a precaution Friday after alarmed chaperones, including the school’s principal, saw that the teenagers were sick and called 911, North Andover Superintendent Chris Hottel said in a statement.

Students were sent home early and were leaving the building, even as latecomers were still arriving.

The culprit? Marijuana brownies, according to police. After investigating, police and school officials said they think almost a dozen students may have knowingly eaten the illicit brownies before heading to the prom at the Atkinson Country Club in Atkinson, N.H.

“Eleven students were eventually interviewed at the prom as possibly having received a brownie,” Hottel said.

Atkinson Police Chief Philip Consentino said the students probably knew the brownies were laced with pot. “I’m leaning toward the assumption that they knew what they were doing,” he told The Boston Globe. “Where the brownies came from, who had them, we’re not sure.”

No charges have been filed against the students so far.

Hottel warned that the students involved will face disciplinary action at school. “When you do things, they have repercussions,” he told the Globe.


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