A Texas man just got the sentence of a lifetime for driving under the influence……99 years!!

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A man got a lengthy prison sentence after being convicted of driving while intoxicated for the 16th time.

Montgomery County prosecutors said James Steven Corley, 52, was pulled over for a broken taillight and weaving within his lane in August. It was a felony DWI stop. Prosecutors said Corley’s blood alcohol level was .10.

“This defendant is an extremely dangerous driver,” Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepramm said. “Practically every time he’s getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, according to the testimony, he’s driving drunk. He testified that whenever he does it, he doesn’t think about anybody who is on the street with him. It’s all about him. All about getting drunk.”

Corley was sentenced as a habitual offender Wednesday to 99 years in prison. Prosecutors estimate Corley could be up for parole in 10 to 15 years depending on his behavior.


Damn! We need a drink for just thinking about being in jail for that long…

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