A Connecticut man was recently arrested after cutting another man with a pair of scissors while in the middle of getting a haircut. (Huh???)

Read the story below:

A young man allegedly fled a barber shop halfway through his hair cut after he slashed another customer with a pair of scissors.

David Davis, 21, was getting his hair cut in a flat in Stamford, Connecticut, when he leapt from the barbers chair and slashed the victim across the back, it is claimed.

The victim, a Stamford man, also 21, was taken to hospital for treatment.

Stamford police officers with dogs found Mr Davis, from nearby Newhaven, in a nearby apartment shortly after the attack.

He was initially arrested after police found he was wanted on a warrant for failing to appear in court and was later charged with the stabbing after an investigation.

According to a police statement, Mr Davis was getting a haircut in the flat at 126 Henry St. when the victim approached in what Mr Davis called an “aggressive manner,” so he picked up scissors to protect himself.

The victim was wearing a heavy coat when he was attacked so it was difficult to say whether his wounds were serious, but there was a considerable amount of blood on his clothes, Stamford police told newstimes.com.

Following the stabbing, police cordoned off the pavement outside 124 and 126 Henry Street as residents looked on. Some accused officers of searching their homes without a warrant.

Police said the door of 124 Henry St. had been open when they spotted Mr Davis. Authorities also received an anonymous phone call that the stabbing suspect was in the home, police said.

Mr Davis was charged with first-degree assault and is being held on a $5,000 bond. He is due in court on March 22.


Damn….now that’s one hell of a mugshot for ya!

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