Fonzworth Bentley isn’t going to be happy about this one…

MTV “From G’s to Gents” star Baron “Dirty” Colon is facing some serious charges after being recorded admitting to a murder he committed back in 2006.

Read the full story below:

A finalist from an MTV reality show featuring street thugs hoping for a second, third, or fourth chance at reform has been jailed without bond on charges of first-degree murder and armed burglary. Baron “Dirty” Colon, who was a finalist on “From G’s to Gents” in 2009, was arrested last week for the slaying of artist Marcelo Vera during a botched robbery in January 2006.

According to The Miami Herald, police say Colon was a suspect in the case even as the 24-year-old jetted off to Los Angeles to tape the show which claims to transform “rough-around-the-edges young men” into successful gentlemen. “I got two kids. I want to be in the gentleman’s club because I want to change, for them,” Colon said during the first episode. If I don’t change, there’s only going to be two things: prison, or death.”

Unfortunately, Colon whose rap sheet contained multiple arrests for drugs, grand theft, and driving with a suspended license could not get away from his past. Investigators got a break in the case last year when an unnamed informant secretly recorded Colon confessing intimate details “ranging from the caliber of the weapons used in the homicide, the fact that the victim was a skinny male who put up a fight, and that he and [an accomplice] fled the scene and spent the night outside, even sleeping in bushes the night of the murder to make sure he evaded police,” reports The Miami Herald.

According to the arrest warrant, Colon along with Stephany Concepcion, 26, and two other men known only as “Big Killer” and “Crazy Dead” conspired to rob Vera, 44, who was known to keep large amounts of cash in his home. Concepcion knew the victim and went to Vera’s house just past 11:30 p.m. and signaled to the other men when the time was right for the robbery, says The Miami Herald. However, Concepcion reportedly realized the heist went south when she heard gunshots and saw the men fleeing the scene.

When police arrived Concepcion was arrested, later pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. She has agreed to testify. Colon faces arraignment Jan. 28 in Miami-Dade circuit court.


This guy clearly didn’t learn anything from being on the show. Guess you can’t fix everybody…


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