Jay-Z performs at Dodgers stadium in Phoenix, AZ

Popular financial gurus Forbes has released yet another list. Their previous list featured Beyonce perched at the top, earning a staggering $87 million in one 12-month period. And now her husband, rapper Jay-Z, is sitting at the top of the “Hip-Hop Cash Kings List,” earning an estimated $35 million over the past 12 months. A far cry from the $82 million he pulled in last year, but still pretty damn good, especially in a recession.

Fellow NY rapper Diddy came in right behind Hov with $30 million in the bank, with Chicago rapper Kanye West following behind with $25 million. Continue reading to see who made the top 10!

1. Jay-Z – $35 Million
2. Diddy – $30 Million
3. Kanye West – $25 Million
4. 50 Cent – $20 Million
5. Akon – $20 Million
6. Lil’ Wayne – $18 Million
7. Timbaland – $17 Million
8. Pharrell Williams – $16 Million
9. T-Pain – $15 Million
10. Eminem – $14 Million

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