Farrah Abraham Sees Nothing Wrong with Her Fetish for Anal Sex


Farrah Abraham is on the TMI train and she’s decided there’s no way she’s jumping off anytime soon.

Not content with already embarrassing the hell out of her mother (and her daughter too once she grows up and figures out what the hell is going on), Farrah is now doing media interviews to promote her “sex tape” with porn star James Deen.

In an interview with blogger Nik Richie, Farrah confesses that she enjoys anal sex and even prefers it to vaginal sex. Apparently she got her rectum blown the fuck out back when she was 15 and she’s loved it ever since.

“I had anal before I had real sex,” Farrah said.

Richie pointed out that for someone who claims to not have sex that often, it’s a bit odd that she begged James Deen to fuck her in the ass straight away in her porn video.

“I don’t think it’s awkward [that I enjoy anal more than vaginal sex]” Farrah said.


Hey, if the girl likes it up the poop chute, then who am I to judge? I just hope Farrah has the decency to avoid Chipotle on the nights that she opens up her anus hotel for guest check-in.

[H/T: Jezebel]

  • PackerPete

    oh man, this chick is a walking, talking train wreck, someday her daughter will grow up and find all this info on the Internet…while I can admire her honesty she appears too stupid for her own good and will probably OD by the age of 28…

  • chris voor

    shes pure nasty

  • leslie

    I am a 19-year-old woman, and I see nothing wrong with anal sex. My boyfriend fucks me anally four or five times per week. I am submissive by nature, and while I admit that anal sex does cause me some moderate pain, I feel it is right to endure some temporary pain in order to help give my boyfriend pleasure on a regular basis. We have been having anal sex for more than a year now, and I have had no health problems. Plus, he is able to cum six or seven times each time we have an anal-sex session. There is zero risk of pregnancy. And my boyfriend says he is happier with me than with any of his previous girlfriends.