Mister Cee Says He’s Not Gay, But He Does Have an Addiction to (Male) Prostitutes

While we may live in the age of live tweeting your sexual exploits, fact is no one has to tell you their business if they choose not to. I wish someone had explained this to Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee before he decided to talk to his co-workers about reportedly being arrested for trying to pay for penis on-air.

In one of the most embarrassing interviews in quite some time, the hip-hop producer and radio personality refused to give people the Jason Collins moment they were clamoring for.

Cee denies that he was trying to pay a man for some special attention, arguing that it was instead a female cop.

He explained:

“The female Latino cop, I have her badge number so I know who it is….The first story that came out in the Daily News said it was a female undercover officer and you can research and see that that story was posted. Then they changed it soon after to male undercover officer. I have no idea why it changed.”

Maybe because they realized she had a dick?

In any event, Mister Cee denied that he was gay, though he did note, “I support the gay community more than anyone knows.” I imagine he’s not referring to the 2011 charge of soliciting a male prostitute that he pleaded guilty to. On that, Cee claimed the only reason he took that charge was to keep his family’s peace of mind in tact.

He also admitted an addiction. “Yes, I do like prostitutes. I have engaged a lot with prostitutes in my life many times. Same with strippers. I’ve tricked on them many times… I don’t have an addiction to prostitutes. I have an addiction to instant gratification,” he said, adding, “I need help. I been dealing with it and trying to deal with it for the last 10-12 years.”

How many more dudes does one have to be caught with before acknowledging their preference? Clearly it depends on the person. For those that don’t believe him, Cee quipped: “If I’m lying and I chose not to come out, that’s my choice.”

That it is. While I believe Mister Cee seems more inclined to have a body party with Miss Lawrence than his home girl, I also find it funny that many of the people calling on him to be himself and live openly aren’t doing much in the way of making him feel comfortable.

Case in point:

  • fantasi lyfe

    I think the question is: HOW MANY TIMES IS HE GONNA GET CAUGHT WITH “MEN” before his W.I.F.E. realizes she’s married to a HOMOSEXUAL?

  • fantasi lyfe

    Annnnd! If he didn’t “trust women” so much than W.H.Y. DID HE “GET MARRIED” IN THE 1st PLACE?!

  • http://twitter.com/craigkeller Craig Keller

    why does he need to be interrogated about his sexuality? And then to have his own employer make a parody about it? Hot97 should be taken off the air. Its bad enough, the garbage that they pass off as hip hop nowadays, but now this? Please end this station, its over for them.



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