Janet Hubert, the Old Aunt Viv, Comes for Wendy Williams After Tatyana Ali’s Appearance on Her Show

Wendy Williams might have to consider hiring round-the-clock security because she stays getting into scraps and arguments with black women.

First, Lil’ Kim went off on the talk show host for her critiques of Kim’s plastic surgeries. Now, Janet Hubert, who played the original Aunt Vivian on Will Smith’s “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” is striking back at Wendy for mentioning the actress in a segment with Tatyana Ali on her talk show.

Watch the segment with Tatyana Ali first for context. (Jump to 3:20)

So that wasn’t even THAT bad. Wendy brought up the fact that Janet, who has long been estranged from everyone on the show, was a no-show for their recent reunion in 2011. Tatyana then explained that from her perspective as a little girl, losing the original Aunt Viv was sort of like going through a divorce.

No harm, no foul, really.

But Janet caught wind of her name being mentioned on Wendy’s show and she unleashed her fury on the Internet, calling Wendy a man, a pig and all kinds of ungodly names.

Listen as Janet strikes back at Wendy below:

You’ve gotta give it to Janet. She read Wendy in an accent worthy of the Queen of England in a classy but cutting way. Unfortunately, this whole diatribe just shows how thin-skinned, dramatic and crazy Janet still is. Guess Will was right to fire her crazy ass back in the day.

  • Mark McLain

    Actually Janet Hubert was watching The Wendy Williams show with Tatyana Ali on it. There was no “caught wind” in this situation. Here is a audio recording of Janet’s reply to Wendy. goo.gl/BnMa5

  • Barnell

    Janet needs to sit down somewhere. This is the second time she has attacked Wendy. Grow up, the fame boat has sailed.

  • tatum635

    janet just salty cuz wendy brought up her name?? nothing bad was even said. smfh

  • mTon23

    This is amazing!!


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