Stacey Dash Writes Extremely Long Essay About Mitt Romney, President Obama and the 2012 Election

Mitt Romney‘s most “Clueless” supporter Stacey Dash wants you to know that she is “disappointed” in the results of this year’s election … however, she still supports America’s decision to give President Barack Obama a second term, and is hopeful that he will lead the country into “becoming the great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that thrives.”

Well, how nice of you, Miss Dash. We still give you the side-eye for supporting Mittens in the first place, but we accept your apology … or whatever you call this 1,344 word essay you sent to TMZ:

The other day I woke up and watched my daughter sleep, so sound, so perfectly at peace. A thousand thoughts and memories flashed through my mind.

I remember being a child of that age, with no concept of adulthood and the responsibilities we take on with maturity. Now I know
the weight of those responsibilities, of being a parent, a working woman, and it frightened me.

As a single Mother my main concern is for providing for my children and myself. It is especially important to me that they have the opportunity to attend college. This is what I’ve worked so hard for.

I have, like many other citizens of the United States, been worried and upset by the tremendous downturn in the economy, and the slow path to recovery.

I freely admit that presidential politics was not something I had much time for before the 2000 election. With Gore and Bush fighting out to the last hanging chad, it was an experience that made me turn even further away from politics.

Two wars and a recession later I became newly invested in presidential politics by Barack Obama. I voted for Obama in 2008. Yes, I was part of the overwhelming majority that swept President Obama into his historic election!

I hadn’t known anything about him until he earned the Democratic nomination. He’s brilliant, understated, ethical, a great husband and father. President Obama will always be remembered as one of the greatest leaders this United States of America has ever known.

The fact is, our country gives us the right to vote for whomever we choose. Moreover, I am not a spokeswoman for all women, or for minorities, or for single mothers… I am only one vote. Together we all choose who will lead our country.

At the end of the day we are in this together. This is Our American Family. I do not want to be a part of the hateful voices insulting each other. I want to be a part of the voices that helps shape the future. Don’t you?

Perhaps I publically endorsed Romney from a slightly naive place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones.

People get it wrong. My vote for Romney isn’t a vote against Obama. That’s not how full participants in the democratic process operate. We vote for candidates and we vote for issues.

Like most Americans I was insulted with the idea that Obama was only elected because he was black, that people of color wanted one of their own, regardless of what sort of leader he would make.

The same idiots make the argument that white guilt is why so many Americans voted Obama into office in the first place. That rhetoric is what helps divide this great nation.

I didn’t vote for Clinton because he was white and neither did anyone else. The skin color of candidates needs to be the last thing discussed, if at all.

I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to have earned a considerable income. I am a fiscal conservative. I like the simplicity of the plan to lower taxes. I feel I’ve paid out a substantial amount over the 20 plus years I’ve been working.

I’m also a woman. And as a single Mother who happens to be half-Bajan and half-Mexican, I have concerns, which cover many topics and issues. I haven’t heard much from anyone (including the people heaping insults my way) about the great things Obama HAS done for our country, like repairing the infrastructure of our highways, bridges and train rails and creating a lot of jobs by this program.

I am so grateful for what his administration has done with the Settlement Act of 2010, which took great bipartisan effort to close a painful chapter in American history. That alone sets me apart from some people in the Republican Party. But it cannot be overemphasized that this happened due to bipartisanship between both parties.

Republicans and Democrats both made painful compromises and stayed up past their bedtime. They forced the democratic process to work and the will of the people was done! That’s what attracted me to Romney. He had this kind of bipartisan success as governor of MA.

I also don’t understand why more people aren’t acknowledging the good that has come about thanks to Romney’s Massachusetts medical coverage for all citizens. In addition, Romney’s business acumen is sterling. Our country needs a savvy business manager with the ability to work on both sides of the aisle.

Paul Ryan is another brilliant mind with a viable plan for the economy of this country. They’ve injected so much energy into the race. We need that ambition and focus to get our country back on its feet.

That said, I haven’t heard any conservatives but Colin Powell giving sufficient credit to Obama for the unprecedented action it took to take out Osama Bin Laden. If anyone can be blamed for the free-fall of our economy, it is this coward Bin Laden and his psychopathic henchmen.

I voted for the Romney ticket because I was inspired by their promises of working tirelessly to create a strong economy as their first objective. I have other issues that are close to my heart like equality, and women’s rights, and the benefits of strong public schools.

I realize on these issues I’m entirely progressive. There are plenty of moderate Republicans who feel exactly the way I do on these issues. I don’t think we have to trade one for the other.

The main objective of our nation must be repairing the economy. All our social concerns must come after this. Without a stable economy our great nation falls.

My support for Romney came with acknowledgements of the work that they have done, but also for the work they will do in the future. I hold each of these men to the highest standards.

In the event that Romney wins the election, I expect them to elevate the platform of the GOP and become more inclusive, less exclusive and more inventive, especially as it comes to social issues including women’s health, gay rights, equal pay and immigration.

Ok, this is a lot to hope for but if we insist that the politicians that represent us do their job, for the and by the people, anything and everything is possible. Presidents put together outstanding cabinets and this is where a greater perspective is realized.

In the event that Obama is re-elected I expect them to work a whole lot harder to bridge the divide between political parties, end the gridlock and get America back to work! Welfare reform is also in order.

An elderly woman stands in the same grocery line pinching pennies to buy a can of soup while a woman is buying marshmallow fluff with food stamps. As times have changed, welfare policy needs to keep stride, just like every other issue.

Ultimately I know that what Stacey Dash thinks about who will be the next president of the United States isn’t that important in the scheme of things- but I feel a desperation for the country.

The fact is, that when the two parties are not working together, it makes things worse! Bring me a leader from either party that can get this unstuck. Non-partisanship is what will get Americans back to work and the homeless back on their feet.

Whoever is the next president must break gridlock and do the will of the people. Stop pandering to partisan politics while our great nation flounders.

Ten hours later

President Obama has been re-elected. I congratulate him. No he was not my choice, but he was the choice of the majority of our country. I do respect and appreciate the country came together to make a choice. So for that I applaud Americans.

Although I am disappointed that Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan did not win. I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that thrives.

  • Stacey Dash seems quite intelligent, but I’m sure people will do nothing but bash her for having a different opinion than their own.

  • Kizzy

    That bitch has no idea why people need food stamp. Everybody goes thru hard times. She doesn’t know why people need what they need. So she can’t judge a woman for getting food stamps. Hell she may even need to start getting them. She hasn’t been in a movie in so long that I don’t even think That she’s considered a D-lister. She needs to take that bull ish logic and kick rocks.

    • Kizzy, this is why libs like you struggle in life, you dont read well. She said someone buying junk with food stamps. Pay attention in line. Watch the fat woman with the 24 pack of pepsi and ice cream whip out the food stamps, which is paid for by stacey dash and my tax money. I dont want my taxes paying for soda pop. One day when you get out of the 47% that doesnt pay, you will appreciate watching where your money goes. Until then, you keep that attitude, you will continue to be out the outside calling the successful names.

  • Does she know he lost Mass? That speaks a lot about what the people think of him and the “good” he’s done. I need her to stop. She made her choice and would have been a speck amongst the people in Romney’s crowd vs. the enormous integrated group of people in Obama’s had he won. That speaks. Stacey, you voted, we all did, it’s over. Move ON!

  • Z_Lauren_Z

    Now D List actresses everywhere know they can get attention for supporting the Repug candidate in every Presidential election. Give it up Stacey.

  • Seems Intelligent? She is articulate, but yet why would she grind on a rocket,wearing a baywatch swim suit with her boobs hanging out, with the American flag behind her? Why would she post on her twitter something like “What a wonderful present it will be to have you Inaugurated as The President Of The USA on my birthday 1/20/2013! God Speed!” .. What’s the point of that? What is she? An arrogant Republican? She is drawing attention to herself, now that her party lost, she wants to redeem herself with a long letter explaining why she picked Romney. Why didn’t you do that before the election? Better yet, why didn’t you support him like Chuck Norris,Kid Rock, and other stars? The way you did it was flamboyant, you was crying out for attention, and I guess you got it. I can’t respect you, you come off as a fickle lady. Godspeed

  • Reginald Shipman

    First off Stacy I find it hard to believe that as smart as you seem to be, you are not aware that Mitt Romney and his collaegues are what as know as debt pirates. By putting guys like Romney back in office is like you’re putting the fox back in the house with the chickens after he’s eaten half of them. As far as the taxes you’ve paid, get a better financial planner (my bad that’s why you wanted Romney for President). The roles you’ve obtained in Hollywood have only come to you because you’re an attractive black female who Hollywood approves of (why don’t you check with the black actresses in hollywood who can’t get a role because they don’t date white men. Ask some of your fellow actresses about that while you’re spouting about womens rights.

    The only struggles you’ve faced have been how were you ever going to collect alimony from your ex (is that alimony taxed by the way). It’s really funny how convenient some blacks are when the issues affects their future or pocketbooks.

    You have every right to speak your mind, just make sure you’re not being a pawn in a situations that’s way above your pay grade or your commitment to any cultural community.

    • Mac d

      Lol…debt pirates? Who fed you that line? Can anyone guess what color ole Reggie is? Sounds like you got dumped for a white guy. Yo Reg… Do you really think the democrats want to help you succeed and become rich? HELLLLSSSSS NO. They want you to stay lazy and dependent so you keep voting them back to power. YOU ARE THE PAWN. CHECK YOUR MIRROR.

  • Dear Stacey: ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz! Listen: no one is listening. No one really cares.

    • Mac d

      Guess u r listening dummy.

  • Gene

    Uh… just sad. She’s beautiful, talented, and has a right to her choices, but given her own experiences and the BayWatch bright red bathing suit promoting Romney, it makes you wonder. Sad. This isn’t about Romney’s character, that much is obvious.

  • vj

    Who is Stacey Dash ?….what did she ever do within the last two years?.. that matters to anyone…Stick with mitt loser chick ?…

  • vj

    Hey stacey!!! if i’m ever in an accident and need a brain transplant …I want your because it;s never been used !!!!!……wow you’re dumb as a rock …..gurly..