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Of Course Mitt Romney Got “47 Percent” Of The Popular Vote

In a joint session Friday (Jan 4), Congress formally made the obvious official: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden won last November's...

Paul Ryan Blames Mitt Romney’s Election Loss On Unexpected “Urban” Voter Turnout

In the aftermath of an election you always have the winners who thank all their supporters and of course the losers who look for...

Stacey Dash Writes Extremely Long Essay About Mitt Romney, President Obama and the 2012 Election

Mitt Romney's most "Clueless" supporter Stacey Dash wants you to know that she is "disappointed" in the results of this year's election ... however,...

The Entire Vice Presidential Debate Summed Up In Less Than 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Highlights from the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Mitt Romney's runningmate Rep. Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan Cuts Interview Short After Questions About Gun Violence (VIDEO)

Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan quickly ended an interview after he was questioned about how he would prevent gun violence, then later blamed it...

NEWSFLASH: Republican VP Nominee Paul Ryan Thinks A Lot of Americans Are Lazy “Takers”

So people are apparently surprised that Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan thinks a sizable portion of the U.S. population is lazy and looking...

Once Upon a Time, GOP VP Candidate Paul Ryan Took A Dip Into Some Chocolate

Republican politicians never cease to surprise you. If uber-white bread vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told you he once dated a black girl, would...

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