Little Asian Boy Dressed in Drag, Dancing to Christina Aguilera Song

My oh my……What are people teaching their kids these days???

Peep the footage below…

  • Supa_sexy

    This is so SAD and disturbing!!! His parents need their A** beat for this one. I know it’s a free country and children are entitled to be and express who they are and feel good in their own skin but a child this young should not know how to work a chair as if he is practicing to be an exotic dancer. Kids this age don’t really know who they are or what they want to be but only act or do this type of act if parents allow them too. My thing is, if you in my house you do as I say and when I say, and if you are a boy you will act like a boy, girl you will be and act like a girl but when you get 18 years old and out of my house then if you want to express yourself in this way then so be it but you will not be a damn fool or act like one in my house. All I gotta say is the world is coming to an end with all this foolishness; I just hope I’m sleep when the world ends.

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  • Paz

    This is child abuse. Whoever shot this video should go to jail and the child should go to therapy.