Did Tyler Perry Fire His Staff This Week After the Boondocks’ Episode...

Did Tyler Perry Fire His Staff This Week After the Boondocks’ Episode Making Fun of Him Aired?

This is a hot mess!

Rumor has it that filmmaker/playwright Tyler Perry may have fired his entire staff over a recent episode of Aaron McGruder‘s wildly popular cartoon series “The Boondocks”. In an episode that aired Sunday night (Jun 20), Perry is depicted as being homosexual and using his staff and other actors to engage in sexual activities, among other things. And though it may have given us and everyone who watched it more than a few chuckles, we hear that Mr. TP himself wasn’t too pleased and he believes that someone exposed some of his “inside secrets” to McGruder and his writers.

Word on the streets is the recent ’Boondocks’ episode, that mocked everything TP hit a deep nerve with the mogul. Our source claims he’s paranoid and believes it was an inside job – based on the show’s accuracy!!! Our source also says that Madea is giving pink slips to his entire staff [not the shirtless boy wonders of course] starting Friday – – he wants to control any leaks of information about ”the compound!!”

Source: Carlton Jordan

We don’t know how true any of the stuff that aired on the episode is… but they sure did a good job with the Madea imitation! (LOL). And just in case you missed it (or if you wanna take a look again), check out last Sunday night’s episode below:

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