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Black Mother Slams Elementary School for Acknowledging White Privilege, Receives Support from Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Pundits

A Raleigh, North Carolina mother is gaining local and national attention after criticizing her son’s elementary school for sending home a handout that explains white privilege to parents. The mother’s outraged has got conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh rallying behind her.

Racist West Virginia Official Who Called First Lady Michelle Obama an “Ape in Heels” Reinstated to Executive Director Position

The white West Virginia official who referred to First Lady Michelle Obama as “an ape in heels” on Facebook has been reinstated to her former position.

Al Roker Epically Calls Out Billy Bush for Attempting to Defend Lying Ryan Lochte

For like the next two days, Al Roker will be my hero and I’m going to tell you why! America’s “favorite weatherman” was completely...

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