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Three People Dead, 14 Others Sick After Eating Thanksgiving Meal Hosted by Northern California Church

California health officials are investigating a foodborne illness outbreak after several people became ill after eating a Thanksgiving meal prepared by Golden Hills Community Church.

Shirley Caesar Responds to Popular #UNameItChallenge Inspired by Viral Meme

The craze was sparked by a short clip of Shirley Caesar and the legendary gospel singer is sharing her thoughts on becoming a viral internet sensation.

WTF: The Craziest Family Holiday Traditions

If you think your family is strange, wait until you get a load of these crazy family holiday traditions! Click the "full story" link below...

The Best Thanksgiving Episodes & Specials from Popular TV Shows

There's more to Thanksgiving than just arguing with your relatives and eating ridiculous amounts of food. It's also a day to be thankful ......

What “The Simpsons” Taught Us About the Importance of Family on Thanksgiving

If you can look past the crass humor, you could actually learn a lot about life from The Simpsons, especially when the holiday season...

Cash Money Hosts 18th Annual Turkey Giveaway in New Orleans

Cash Money Records recently paid a visit to their New Orleans hometown earlier this week (Nov 25) in an effort to give back for...

What Accused Murderer Aaron Hernandez Ate in Jail for Thanksgiving

Aaron Hernandez -- the ex-NFL player who may or may not have killed someone (and who may or may not have started the "Hernandezing"...

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