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Chris Brown Shows Off New Head Tattoo: Work of Art or WTF?

Chris Brown has a new tattoo and we're not sure what the fuck it is. The R&B crooner showed off his new ink job on Instagram before deleting the pic shortly afterwards.

Chad Johnson Gets Evelyn Lozada’s Face Tattooed to His Leg to Prove He Loves Her

What do you do when your wife of just two months wants a divorce after you headbutted her following an argument about condoms? You get...

Male Chris Brown Fan Proves His Dedication to Team Breezy with Massive Back Tattoo

When people think of "Team Breezy," Chris Brown's army of dedicated fans, the first image that comes to mind is that of a teenage...

Meet Mrs. Kanye West: “Until he says I’m CRAZY, I’m going to keep on going!” [VIDEO]

If you thought the girl who got Drake's name tatted on her forehead was obsessed....you haven't heard of Kanye Resa West! The Chicago native has...

Penis Tattoo Causes Permanent Erection for 21-Year-Old Man

A 21-year-old Iranian man who recently got a tattoo on his penis has now been left with a "permanent semi-erection," according to MSNBC News. The...

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