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Kanye West SPAZZES OUT on Photographer After Running Headfirst Into Pole

While trying to avoid giving the paparazzi the face shot their pestering asses wanted Kanye West ran right into a pole. After that, he then...

Rihanna Spazzes Out On Her Band Live On Stage In London: “What The F*ck Is That?!?”

Rihanna, currently flying around the world with over 200 fans and journalists on her highly publicized "777 Tour," got really pissed off with her...

Kanye West Spazzes Out On Photographer Over Reggie Bush Questions

It's been a minute since Kanye West has had a violent episode with another person, but it looks like the controversial rapper is back...

Taco Bell Employee Arrested After Spazzing Out Because He Was Asked to Take Orders at the Drive-Thru

18-year-old Taco Bell employee Joshua Fisher reportedly snapped when he was told by his manager to start taking customer orders at the fast food...

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