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Sounds About White: Man Serves Friends Tacos Made From His Amputated Foot

In what can only be described as the most white people sh*t you will probably ever hear in your lifetime, a man has admitted to serving his friends tacos made from his amputated foot ... and his friends were in on the whole thing. Happy Taco Tuesday!

John Travolta Introduced Himself to a Man Alone at the Gym at 3 AM … ALONE!

Nothing to see here guys! Just a photo of John Travolta and another man alone at the gym at 3 a.m. ... ALONE. "I thought...

Homeless Man Ronald Davis Talks Living on the Streets: “I’m Not A Bum… I’m A Human Being”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rO0BHSPXQg] Whatever you do today, if you haven't already, make sure you watch this video. All four minutes of it. Meet Ronald Davis -- a...

Meet Darien Long aka “KickAss Mall Cop”: The Atlanta Security Guard Who Got Over $20,000 from Reddit

You might not know him by name, and you probably don't know his face, but if you've been on the Internet at all within...

Proud Sikh Woman with Full Beard Gracefully Responds to Internet Critics

What would you do if someone took a picture of you without your knowledge, then uploaded said picture to the Internet just to make...

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