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New Face, Who Dis? Nene Leakes Admits to Second Nose Job

If you’ve notice anything different about Nene Leakes over the past few weeks, your speculations were probably right. Leakes appeared on Watch What Happens...

LHHATL’s Jessica Dime Gets Her Crooked Breasts Reduced and Fixed

Bigger isn't always better, ladies. Let that be a lesson to y'all, especially those of who are out there artificially augmenting your ass and...

Iggy Azalea Reportedly Got a Nose Job & Chin Implant

If you noticed anything different about Iggy Azalea Sunday night (May 17) at the Billboard Music Awards, don't think you're going crazy. The "Fancy" rapper recently...

Farrah Abraham Effed Her Face Up So Bad It’s Ridiculous

What. The. FUCK. Is going on with Farrah Abraham. And what. The. FUCK. Did she do to her FACE?!? According to TMZ, Farrah was on...

Bruce Jenner Doesn’t Want To Be A Woman, He’s Just Addicted To Plastic Surgery (Report)

WHAT THE FAWK IS GOING ON WITH BRUCE JENNER, YOU GUYS? Last December, TMZ broke a story about Bruce Jenner electing to have a surgical...

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