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B. Simone is Trending (Again?!?) After Twitter Finds Out She Plagiarized Her “Book” About Manifestation & Being An Entrepreneur

Another day, another B. Simone dragging. This time, it's because people have discovered that a number of passages from her best-selling book "Babygirl: Manifest The Life You Want" were stolen.

Melania Trump’s Plagiarized Speech Could End Donald Trump’s Campaign

The circus that is the Republican National Convention becomes more ridiculous with each passing day. While Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech has dominated the conversation,...

Watch: Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama (and Rick Astley?) in Her RNC Speech

Melania Trump, Donald’s third wife and former model, has largely been kept out of the spotlight during his presidential run. In an interview with...

Whoa! Were “The Matrix” Sequels Plagiarized?

Lana and Andy Wachowski can no longer face too much criticism for the disappointing "Matrix" sequels because according to a new lawsuit, the movies...

Shia LaBeouf Stole That “Apology Letter” He Sent to Alec Baldwin from Esquire

Shia LaBeouf is proving how he earned the nickname Shia LaDouche. It was revealed on Wednesday that the “Transformers” star has bowed out of the...

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