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College Professor Charged With Felonies for Stealing $185K in Federal Grant Money to Make It Rain in Strip Clubs

A former Drexel University professor was slapped with felony charges after allegedly stealing $185,000 from the institution to make it rain at strip clubs and for other personal use.

Justin Bieber Spotted Peeing in the Snow in Colorado Before Making it Rain $75K at Miami Strip Club

With all of the bad press Justin Bieber has been receiving since his house was raided nearly a week ago, the pop star has...

How Rappers Deduct “Making It Rain” Expenses From Their Taxes

Earlier this week, we posted photos of Drake making it rain $50,000 at a strip club in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we're sure many...

Drake Makes It Rain $50K in Charlotte, NC Strip Club (PHOTOS)

This past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina at Cameo Nightclub, Drake opened a cardboard box filled with cash. And how much cash was in...

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