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Suge Knight’s Son Says Tupac is Alive & Living His Best Life in Malaysia

Suge Knight Jr.—son of infamous former Death Row CEO Suge Knight—set the internet ablaze with a shocking claim that Tupac is alive and well and living his best live in Malaysia.

Lil’ Kim Tells Fans She’s Never Bleached Her Skin and Her Skin Color Ain’t Changed

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, it's also Lil Kim's default position whenever she's confronted with truth, facts and evidence. The trials and...

The Girl Who Said Chris Brown Pushed Her Down the Stairs at a Nightclub Lied

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Chris Brown had been accused of "badly injuring" a 24-year-old girl at a nightclub in California over the weekend. The...

George Zimmerman Told Police Trayvon Martin Punched Him and Slammed His Head Into the Sidewalk

In response to the nationwide outcry demanding that George Zimmerman be arrested for the murder of Trayvon Martin, the Sanford, Florida Police Department has...

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