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Senator John McCain Dies From Brain Cancer at 81

Senator John McCain, the 2008 GOP presidential nominee who was driven by a code of honor that defined and haunted him, has died, the Washington Post reports.

Well, Damn: John McCain Doesn’t Want Donald Trump at His Funeral

Senator John McCain is dying of brain cancer, and he's reportedly made it crystal clear that there is one person who he does NOT want to attend his funeral: President Donald J. Trump.

John McCain Awkwardly Jokes About Waterboarding John Kerry to Get the Truth Out of Him

Senator John McCain, a U.S. Navy veteran who famously spent over 5 years being tortured during the Vietnam War, and is a strong advocate...

John McCain Accidentally Endorses President Obama Instead of Mitt Romney [VIDEO]

During what was supposed to be a campaign speech in support of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney Thursday afternoon (Jan 5) in Charleston, South...

Beyonce, Jay-Z, T.I., Ludacris, John Legend and More Courtside/Performing at 2009 NBA All-Star Game

After all of the parties, eventes, dinners, tournaments, etc. comes the real game; when the NBA is divided in half (The West vs....

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