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“I’m Not a Yes N**ga”: Jay Pharoah Blasts SNL for Placing Him in a Box & Undervaluing His Talent

The SNL alum is opening up about being underutilized and ultimately fired from the variety sketch show.

Drake Goes Back to His Degrassi Roots in Hilarious SNL Promo Clips

He started from the bottom, now he's here! Drake is not only set to perform this weekend on "Saturday Night Live," but he will also...

Nicki Minaj is the “Bride of Blackenstein” in Saturday Night Live Skit

Nicki Minaj has already admitted to bossing Drake around, but now she can add Frankenstein Blackenstein to the list of people who do whatever...

George Bush and Kanye West Kiss & Make-Up on “Saturday Night Live”

Kanye West has already publicly apologized to ex president George Bush for making that infamous "George Bush doesn't care about black people" comment back...

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