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Beyonce Gets “Ratchet” On Instagram To Promote New Single?

Believe it or not, we all have a little "ratchet" in us ... even Beyonce! Over the weekend, the singer shared a set of new...

Brandy Flaunts Engagement Ring With Shirtless Fiance Ryan Press

Brandy is getting married ... but for real this time! The 33-year-old R&B singer shared the happy news with a photo she posted to...

Rihanna Is Dead Wrong For This: Posts Photo of Menacing Woman with Gun After Sandy Hook Shooting

If there's one thing that Rihanna has made clear, it's that she doesn't give f**k about anything or anyone. Unless that person is named...

Chief Keef Kicked Off Instagram for Posting Picture of Himself Gettin’ Some Head

If Chief Keef isn't going around giving half-assed interviews, calling Lil Wayne a "homo," or tweeting insensitive remarks about a young rapper's shooting death...

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