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Shocking Video Shows Moment Lightning Strikes at PGA Tour Championship Injuring 6 People Including Child

Shocking video footage shows the exact moment lightning struck at the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta Saturday (Aug. 24) injuring six people including a child.

Steph Curry Makes 7-Figure Donation to Howard University to Bring Back Golf Program

Basketball phenom Steph Curry has pledged a 7-figure donation to help fund a new golf program at University that will roll out over the next six years.

Tiger Woods Wins the Masters for the First Time Since 2005

He did it! Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters title on Sunday (Apr. 14), marking his first major victory since the 2008 United States Open.

Andrew “Beef” Johnston: Pro Golf’s T.J. Miller Doppelganger and Most Entertaining Player

If you found yourself watching the British Open over the weekend (and unless you were spending the weekend with your 60-year-old father who loves...

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