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This 1981 Report About the Birth of Internet News is Both Interesting and Hilarious

Hopping on your laptop or home computer (or even your mobile phone) and going to news sites like this or many of the others...

Lil Boosie Concert Scam Tricks Promoters Out of $25K

If you are a club promoter and you've booked "Lil Boosie" for a concert over the last few weeks ... you might as well...

Who Is Chantel Jeffries? Meet Justin Bieber’s Sexy Model Friend!

One of the biggest questions to emerge from this whole "Justin Bieber got arrested for (allegedly) drunk driving and drag racing" debacle is "WHO...

Pregnant Holly Madison Can’t Wait to Eat Her Own Placenta

In celebrity TMI news Holly Madison, who is expecting a baby girl sometime this month, has taken to her blog to let the world know...

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