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“Black Panther” Star Chadwick Boseman’s Dramatic Weight Loss Causes Concern

Is Chadwick Boseman OK? That's a question many fans are asking after the actor posted a video on social media showing that he's lost a LOT of weight.

Bishop Eddie Long Reemerges Looking Sickly Thin, Social Media Shocked by Pastor’s Drastic Weight Loss

What happened to Bishop Eddie Long? After months of recovering from an undisclosed illness, the Atlanta megachurch pastor returned to the pulpit looking scarily thinner than his last public appearance.

Bishop Eddie Long Reveals Shocking Weight Loss, Says He Doesn’t Eat Food From “Slave Menu” Anymore

Bishop Eddie Long is the talk of the Internet again, but this time it has nothing to do with young boys. It's over his shocking...

Rick Ross Debuts Dramatic 100 Pound Weight Loss

Missy Elliot isn't the only celebrity to debut their drastic weight loss! Rapper Rick Ross sent fans into a frenzy when he recently posted pics...

Missy Elliott Shows Off Drastic Weight Loss: See The Photos!

Missy Elliott is looking the best we've seen her look in a while. The rapper/producer performed a medley of hits including "Get Ur Freak On,"...

Jessica Alba Basically Tortured Herself To Lose Weight (Again)

Since a woman is often reduced to how she looks, celebs in the public eye often go to extreme lengths in order to stay...

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