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Sheree Whitfield Fined $1,000 Over “Chateau Sheree” Housewarming Party, Still Doesn’t Have Certificate of Occupancy

The latest development in the Chateau Sheree saga has landed Sheree and a Real Housewives of Atlanta producer in court and fined $1,000!

Sheree Whitfield Hosts Housewarming Party for “Chateau Sheree,” Which Is STILL Uninhabitable

We’ve joked and waited and joked some more (and waited some more) for years. “Chateau Sheree” has finally made its grand debut! Well, sort of.

NeNe Leakes Laughing at Sheree Whitfield Over Chateau Sheree Foreclosure?

NeNe Leakes may be a mean-spirited, bull-headed showboat, but one can’t deny that one of the best ways to surmise her career at this...

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