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Get Yo Kids: Teens Are Kissing & Touching Each Other’s Faces to Do Fruit Roll-Up Challenge Amid Coronavirus Scare

While the rest of us responsible adults are self-isolating and practicing social distancing in the midst of the coronavirus takeover, the younger generation for some reason just isn't getting the memo.

Correctional Officers Face Backlash After Taking Social Media Challenge Too Far: “Feeling Cute, Might Shoot Your Baby Daddy Today”

Correctional officers across the country are facing heavy backlash, even getting fired, for threatening to mistreat inmates while trying to be funny and participating in the popular #FeelingCute challenge.

Manny Pacquiao Steps Up to Floyd Mayweather’s Challenge

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao has stepped up to Floyd Mayweather's challenge, saying that he is willing to fight the undefeated boxer this May! Mayweather recently used...

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Wants to Fight Manny Pacquiao on May 5th!

Round One! Floyd Mayweather Jr. has finally stepped up to the plate and challenged Manny Pacquiao to fight him once and for all. Mayweather sent out...

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