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Dentist Suspended for 12 Months After Patient Bled to Death After Having 10 Teeth Pulled

A UK dentist has been suspended after one of his patients bled to death just hours after he finished pulling out her teeth.

Doctor Gives Woman “Ghetto Booty” Diagnosis and Doesn’t Understand Why It’s Offensive

In "it's a sad, stupid world" news, a woman has filed a complaint with the Tennessee Department of Health after she claims a doctor...

Gynecologist at Johns Hopkins Caught Secretly Recording Women with Camera Pen

A lawsuit has been filed against Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD following a massive scandal involving a disturbed gynecologist who was secretly recording...

Quack Doctor “Rearranges” Woman’s Vagina and Ruins Her Sex Life Forever

Ladies, when it comes to the love below, LEAVE IT ALONE! All of this talk about vaginal rejuvenation should scare the bejeezus out of you....

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