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They Got Her! Woman Caught on Video Throwing Puppies Away in a Dumpster Arrested & Charged With 7 Counts of Animal Cruelty

The Coachella woman caught on surveillance video footage tossing a bag of newborn puppies into a dumpster has been arrested.

Police Looking for Woman Caught on Video Throwing a Bag of Puppies Into a Dumpster

Police say they're on the hunt for a woman caught on video throwing a bag of puppies into a dumpster in Coachella, California.

Giraffe Dies After Hitting Head on Low-Hanging Bridge in South Africa

A giraffe has reportedly died after hitting its head on a low-hanging highway bridge in South Africa. The image above, taken by a Twitter user,...

Man Arrested After His Roommate Caught Him Having Sex With Her Chihuahua

You can't be effin' serious!! A 40 year-old man is facing animal cruelty charges for having sex with his roommate's Chihuahua. (The world is coming...

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