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Is Carl Leaving “The Walking Dead” So Chandler Riggs Can Go to College?

Fans of the show are asking this question after Chandler's dad's Facebook post announcing the end of his contract and Riggs' own tweet about being accepted into Auburn University.

“Breaking Bad” Star Aaron Paul Raises $1.8 Million After Holding Finale Contest

Aaron Paul's "Breaking Bad" character Jesse Pinkman may have terrible luck but that's certainly not true off-screen. The 34-year-old managed to raise $1.8 million for...

Miley Cyrus Uses “Breaking Bad” to Make a VERY Good Point About American Censorship

Nothing Miley Cyrus has done over the last few weeks makes any sense, but in a recent interview with RollingStone, the famed twerker said...

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Reads Hilariously Creepy Fan Letter on “Conan”

As the final episode of AMC's phenomenally successful series "Breaking Bad" comes to an end, it's obviously all anyone can talk about, and with good...

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