What Twitter learned today: Don’t send your look-a-like photos to Chilli.

Chilli of TLC’s Twitter mentions were lit up today after a response she had to fan’s flattering tweet was not well-received.

On Wednesday (Sept. 4), a college student using the handle @BlessedupZ tweeted out that people often point out her resemblance to the 90s girl group icon.

She attached a few photos and innocently posed the question to the Twitter-verse, also including Chilli’s official handle in the tweet.

Chilli saw the tweet, but what she didn’t see was her alleged look-a-like.

She responded late Thursday night and let the fan know that baby hair and a similar skin tone is not enough to be twinsies.

By Friday, Chill was trending a topic, and not in a good way.

While some defended her, many felt the singer’s shady response was unnecessary, especially given that the implication was that the fan was not as pretty as her. (Though we should note that Chilli did call the fan a “doll.”)

Despite being dragged all day, Chilli defended her response. “She is pretty. Never said she wasn’t,” the singer wrote on Twitter.

The fan is also taking the viral moment in stride. She’s been retweeting positive comments, assuring others that she’s not upset over the issue and even agreed with Chilli that they don’t look like.

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