There are those who have the gift to spot the potential in rising stars. They can see the diamond in the rough that others see as unripe fruit.

Take Jay-Z, for example, who saw a global superstar where others saw a gangly girl from Barbados who warbled her way through Mariah’s catalog at talent shows.

But let me tell you something: When it comes to Normani, you don’t have to be Jay-Z to know that you’re witnessing the next big thing. This girl has the confidence of Beyoncé, the dance skills of Ciara and the girl-next-door beauty of Kelly Rowland.

She flawlessly brought to life her basketball-themed visuals from her music video for “Motivation.” She even added a VMA-appropriate costume strip that looked, for a moment, that it was headed toward Janet Jackson wardrobe-malfunction status, but instead it just segued into a dance break that was part gymnastics routine and part Magic City twerk session.

In the words of Nicki Minaj, “Normani is that BITCH!

Watch Normani break it all the way down on the VMAs stage and witness a star being born.

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