Women on Twitter are sharing instances in their lives in which they were clowns for men … and, let’s just say, their stories are probably some of the funniest tweets on Twitter right now.

It all started when Twitter user @GrannyRose89 said, “Ladies, Tell us about a time you were a clown for a man. This is a safe place” along with a hilarious video of Diddy dressed up on Halloween as that scary ass clown thing from the movie It.

Being a good sport, @GrannyRose89 kicked things off with her own story.

“Alright. So Boom. My ex cheated on me with a good friend, got her pregnant, & my stupid ass married him,” she tweeted. “To answer y’all questions: I was 19 with low self-esteem; Divorced 4yrs now; He was physically abusive.”

From there, a bunch of women proceeded to let their guards down and openly discuss various moments in their lives in which they did things for men that ended up making them look like fools.

While a lot of the tweets themselves are funny, what makes them even funnier are the GIFs and video clips of clowns attached to some of them.

Check out some of the best and funniest responses below:

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