A suburban neighborhood in Georgia was reportedly “vandalized” with “gang graffiti” … and we can’t help but give this whole thing the side-eye.

According to WSBTV News, residents of a neighborhood in Newton County, which is about 45 miles outside of Atlanta, “woke up” to gang-related graffiti spray-painted on at least three homes and one car.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it ’cause we don’t have that in this neighborhood. It’s quiet out here,” neighbor Mary Smith told a Channel 2 reporter.

“When I got home, I was just puzzled. I was really broken that something like this would actually happen here,” said another neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous.

And here’s where things get … interesting.

The Channel 2 News reporter said the man asked the news station to hide his face “for safety.”

He said he had been out of town last weekend when he received a call from his son saying that someone had spray-painted the word “Crips” on their garage and their car.

“I’m a very private person. I don’t bother anyone,” Mr. Anonymous told the station.

Another man said someone broke into his home and stole valuables.

Police also said there was surveillance footage, but they haven’t identified any suspects, though we here at Gossip On This have an idea who it was*.

Because let’s keep 100: Ain’t no crips running around a Georgia suburb spray painting “gang graffiti” on white folks’ houses and cars.

Seriously … have YOU ever heard of the Newton County, Georgia Crips?

And Twitter seems to agree with our skepticism too … so much so that the word “Crips” has been trending ever since this major breaking news story was revealed.

*It was Mr. Anonymous’s son and/or his dumb friends.

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