A Charlotte rapper who decided to test DaBaby’s gangsta ended up with a bloody nose and on the ground with his pants below his waist … and the whole thing was captured on video.

Based on the footage, DaBaby (real name: Jonathan Kirk) appeared to be minding his business while shopping at the Louis Vuitton store in South Park Mall when another man, later identified as Charlotte rapper Cam Coldheart, accosted him.

“You a bitch. Y’all, look at the n***a DaBaby,” Coldheart can be heard saying. “He walkin up on me like he about to do some sh*t.”

The footage then skips to DaBaby confronting the man before a brief scuffle ensues.

The next part of the video shows the man on the ground outside the store, bleeding profusely from his nose and with his pants down, exposing his underwear.

“Cam Coldheart! I’m the truth n***a! Knocked him out! Me! Dolo!” DaBaby shouts at the end of the video. “I’m the truth! Quit playing with me boy! Pick ya pants up n***a, the f**k is you talking about n***a? The f**k wrong with him?”

Watch the videos (which DaBaby re-posted on his own Instagram) below:


For his part, Cam Coldheart is ranting and raving on social media about how he was jumped by DaBaby’s security, contradicting the “Suge” rapper’s claims that it was a one-on-one fight.

He wrote on Instagram:

I asked security how many ppl jumped on me in Loui V??? HE AINT GOT TO LIE. JUST HIM??????? DOLO???? THIS THE PROOF YOU ALL CAP @dababy Police bag there asking for statements I just want my mf belt No rats YOU TELLIN YO FANS JUST YOU?? DOLO?? YOU PEE WEE A** N***A. I DEFINITELY CONNECTED ON YO BITCH A** FIRST THROW AND YOUR SECURITY JUMPED IN. PERIOD.

But it’s bool I wish y’all boys much success I ain’t even mad. I’m goin ouT tonight!!! Like the f**kin I said, you nice a** n***as left me pretty … but y’all thug. N***a wouldn’t be able to go out caught solo wit me and mine for weeks.

Y’all hit like hoes!! I was just scratched up and tired, I sag ANYWAY YOU BEEN CAP YOU STIIL CAP. That’s gone show itself sooner or later yo bitch a**. No police statements made way to street da dat told her I ain’t wanna talk. Check on dat


And here’s what Cam Coldheart posted on Twitter:

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter are applauding DaBaby for singlehandedly ending clout-chasing, as one person put it.

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