An IT company is doing serious damage control after one of their online applications requested “preferably Caucasian” applicants.

Cynet Systems faced heavy backlash in recent days after an online application for a pharmaceutical accounts manager position in Tampa, Florida went viral for encouraging white people to apply.

The job description read the employer was seeking a “preferably Caucasian” candidate “who can get more opportunities and build the account.”

Employment discrimination based on age, race, skin color, or ethnicity is illegal … unless there is a “bona fide occupational qualification” that is essential to the company’s central mission. Although I doubt that extremely rare exception applies to a Florida IT company.

Social media was quick to call out Cynet Systems for the racist posting and advised the Virginia-based company to take diversity more seriously.

Cynet, who’s owners are Indian-American, initially apologized for the post in a simple tweet on Sunday.

The company released an official statement apologizing for the incident on Monday and blamed the posting on employees, who have since been fired due to the discriminatory language.

The statement read in part:

“We understand why some may been upset seeing this listing, because we ere too. It is a long-standing policy for our company to refuse any request to list jobs only seeking candidates of any specific ethnicity, gender, or other inappropriate restrictions.”

The statement goes on to boast about Cynet’s commitment to diversity with a “60% minority” workforce and claim they are taking measures to ensure “offensive or outside-of-policy ads” aren’t published online in the future.

Cynet’s racist online job posting comes days after Uber had to apologize for a tweet using the N-word. The post was a response to an internet troll who was using the slur as their Twitter username and then tweeted at Uber’s support account, apparently in a deliberate attempt to get Uber to tweet the word.

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