Meek Mill just put a lot of people up on game via social media when it comes to obtaining Plan B pills hassle-free.

Any sexually active adult should know about the various forms of contraception, whether you’re preventing the spread of STDs or making sure you’re not creating a whole human being.

We all know about condoms, birth control and Plan B pills (for those random “oops!” moments). But what you probably didn’t know is that there’s a service out there that will deliver all of these things (and more) to you for a VERY low fee.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet “GoPuff.” Think: UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub, etc … but this isn’t for food.

According to their website, GoPuff stocks thousands of products in centralized warehouse facilities (similar to how Amazon works) and, using your smartphone, you can browse their catalog and order things to be sent straight to your house, all for a flat low fee of $1.95 per order.

As for what you can order, their products include basically anything you would find at a 24-hour drug or convenience store.

Meek Mill says he uses the service to score Plan B pills without having to make a mad dash to the drug store and awkwardly requesting emergency contraception.

“You can get a plan b from @gopuff delivery straight to ya house!” the rapper tweeted. “They deliver hookah full set up too! This my shiddddddd.”

Meek went on to explain why the service is especially useful for a high profile person such as himself.

“I had to go in the store and ask for a plan b one day,” he said. “Every worker knew me … @gopuff is key!”

GoPuff states on their website:

“We deliver snacks, drinks, essentials, and basically all of your convenience needs right to your door. We store 3,000+ products in your city’s centrally located goPuff facility, so when you order, your stuff comes straight from us to you. We don’t charge crazy surge pricing because we’re not a courier service, and because we’re delivering direct instead of picking it up from the store, we deliver fast.”

For what it’s worth, Meek’s tweets read like an advertisement, but he doesn’t have any hashtags in his tweets to indicate the posts were sponsored. (FYI: Celebrities and social media influencers are required by law to let their followers know whether or not post are sponsored by brands.)

Regardless … GoPuff sounds like a pretty convenient service! And the best part about it is its EXTREMELY low price of $1.95 per delivery.

Meek didn’t mention it, and their website doesn’t explicitly state it, but you can also probably use GoPuff to get condoms too.

Basically, anything you can find in a 24-hour convenience store can be quickly sent to your doorstep simply by using an app and paying a small delivery fee.

The service is only available in about 60 U.S. cities—including Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Orlando, Philadelphia (Meek’s hometown), Phoenix, Raleigh, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and more—but the folks behind the company say they’re always expanding into new markets.

So, if this thing catches on like all of the other delivery and transportation services, you should expect GoPuff to be available in your city soon.

Find out if GoPuff is available in your city here.

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