One thing you can’t take away from Jennifer Hudson is her talent. That woman can sing, belt, holler, yodel, etc., like nobody’s business.

No matter how lackluster her actual recording career is, J-Hud will always be able to book a cruise ship or community theater gig with no sweat.

However, Jennifer’s God-given talent, as mighty as it might be, does not offer her social media immunity from fashion faux pas.

At the 2019 Oscars, Jennifer hit the red carpet in a fairly elegant red number that was full of waves and asymmetrical bits, which was nice.

That is until we approached the scene of the crime which was her distressed feet in those open-toed shoes.

I’m at a complete loss as to why Jennifer (and her stylist for that matter) looked at those gnarled bumps on her toes and thought the reaction they’d get was something along the lines of, “Perfect. Knock ’em dead, baby!”

Putting ASIDE the prominent corns on her feet, the shoes look wildly uncomfortable. Her feet look like they are desperately attempting to escape the prison that the strap has them under.

Why, oh why, did J-Hud not just opt for a nice closed-toe shoe option? It wouldn’t have detracted from her look at all and it would’ve spared the rest of us from looking at those hoovish feet she crammed into those strappy heels.

Twitter, of course, had a field day with Jennifer’s podiatry problems:

Please, Jennifer. The next time you want to stomp the yard with open-toed shoes on, consider how much you’ll frighten the children. It’s seriously not worth it.

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