After initially claiming to have nothing but love and support between them, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fell prey to the petty, pathetic bickering that stereotypically crops up between female rappers.

While their falling out, which culminated in a physical confrontation at a NYFW event last year, wasn’t entirely surprising, it was disappointing nonetheless.

Well, good news Barbs and Carbs: Nicki and Cardi have both teamed up against a common enemy: Tomi Lahren.

The conservative social media troll drew the ire of Cardi earlier in the year when she expressed her disapproval of Cardi’s unfiltered take on Trump’s government shutdown.

But guys, that was soooo long ago. That was January 20th, after all.

Tomi got on a new, fresh set of Cardi’s nerves as she set about posting mocking tweets about 21 Savage getting locked up by ICE and facing deportation.

After Cardi got her second set of jabs in comparing poor Tomi to a canine, Nicki Minaj tagged herself in to let Tomi know she looks stupid being so pressed for attention from the hip-hop community and culture.

While Nicki and Cardi didn’t DIRECTLY address each other as they shot daggers at Tomi, the fact that they can both agree that Tomi Lahren is a piece of trash means the two femcees are still capable of finding common ground. Which is something worth celebrating, right?

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