On this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, K. Michelle confronted her former assistant Paris for using her credit card for several Uber rides.

Paris, thinking that everything was cool between them, was taken aback by K. Michelle slandering her name on national television, and when K. Michelle continued to call her a thief, all hell broke loose.

Here’s how it went down:

K. Michelle: “You cannot keep making excuses for what happened.”

Paris: “It was a Uber ride!”

K: “A Uber ride is using my card…”

P: “But K, it was a $50 ride…”

K: “It wasn’t $50, Paris…”

As K. Michelle reached for her receipts, Paris pulled out a stack of dollar bills: “How much was it, K?”

“You see this?! FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD! FRAUD! This was over $300!” K. Michelle shouted. “This is the proof!”

As Paris continued to try to pay her back in cash, K. Michelle calmly let her know that she didn’t want her dollar bills: “Girl, I don’t want that!”

After exchanging a few words back and forth, Paris threw a full drink at K. Michelle, nearly drowning the poor girl. (No, really, it looked like K. Michelle couldn’t breathe for a few seconds!)

Surprisingly, K. Michelle didn’t retaliate with any physical action. She just kept shouting “YOU ARE A THIEF!” to which Paris responded “YOU FAKE ASS KEYSHIA COLE!”

Their exchange ended with K. Michelle proclaiming “She almost messed up my new hose!”

Needless to say, Twitter went crazy over Paris and K. Michelle’s altercation. Peep some of the best and funniest reactions below:

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