There are two famous Michelle Williamses. One is an actress who has a daughter with late actor Heath Ledger, and the other is a Destiny’s Child singer who always seems to get the shortest end of the stick.

Last week, a Twitter user noticed that if you searched “Destiny’s Child members” on Google, Michelle Williams the actress and her picture shows up in the results along with Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland, instead of Michelle Williams the singer.

Asked what it felt like being a part of Google’s version of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams the actress said she was honored, and would definitely bring it up whenever she gets the chance to meet Beyoncé.

“It gets me one step closer to Beyoncé, so I’m pretty good with it,” Williams told HuffPost. “Now I’ll have an ice breaker if I ever get to meet Beyoncé. I’ll talk to her about the old days of Destiny’s Child. So thank you because I’ll obviously be tongue-tied if and when that ever happens, and now I’ll know exactly what to say.”

While actress Michelle Williams has never met singer Michelle Williams, who are both coincidentally 38 years old, actress Michelle Williams says she gets confused for the singer all the time.

“My daughter is an enormous Stevie Wonder fan, and we went to a Stevie Wonder concert,” Williams recalled, “and when I was in line to pick up our tickets, the guy said, ‘No, you’re not,’ and I said, ‘I am. I’m Michelle Williams,’ and he said, ‘No, you’re not.’ And I said, ‘I really am.’ I showed him my ID, and he said, ‘Oh, that Michelle Williams. I just assumed that it was gonna be … Oh cool. What?'”

Michelle Williams (the actress) stars in the latest Marvel film “Venom,” which was released in theaters this past weekend.

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