Damn near half the cast of “Black Ink Crew (New York)” got into a huge brawl on this week’s episode, and Twitter went HAM over it.

When the Black Ink Crew Season 7 trailer was released a few weeks ago, we all saw someone beating the crap out of someone, and now we know who those someones were. The man on the receiving end of the beatdown was a new tattoo artist named Herb, and the man delivering the beatdown was Teddy.

It all started last week when Herb was brought to the shop by Alex (aka the Vagina Slayer). When Herb was introduced to Sky at the Black Ink New Orleans launch party, Sky got pissed off that Herb didn’t know who she was and give her the respect she was demanding from him.

Things immediately went downhill from there, and got even worse when at a backyard pool party, which had just gotten shut down by the po-po, mind you, Sky and Herb got into an argument (He called her “fake”) and Sky stole on him.

Herb responded by punching her in the face, knocking her wig clean off, and that’s when it all went to hell. It was pretty much over with for Herb at that point.

Walt was all like “That n***a punched my sister in the face!” and Teddy immediately ran after Herb, with Ceaser following not too far behind.

At that point, Herb decided he wanted to fight everybody, and stole on Ceaser, and then Teddy came up from behind and swung on Herb, and when Herb tried to take off, Teddy knocked him to the ground and started pummeling him as he lay there like a defenseless animal.

Of course, Twitter had things to say about how everything went down.

While most people agreed that it wasn’t cool for Herb to react the way he did, even though Sky technically did throw the first punch, there were some who did not agree with a man retaliating like that on a woman, no matter what, and others who felt like they both were in the wrong.

Peep the reactions below:

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