Tiffany Haddish wasn’t the only person on the receiving end of a verbal assault from Katt Williams on Friday’s (Sep. 14) “Frank and Wanda In The Morning” radio show. The Emmy Award-winning comedian also went in on one of the show’s hosts, Wanda Smith.

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It all started when Katt made a joke about Wanda’s cooking skills. Katt asked her how many kids she has, and she told him she has “three boys.” He said, “Ain’t boys simple?” She replied, “Uhm… they could be.” Then Katt said, “She didn’t do as much cooking in the latter years” as she did in the beginning. Wanda snapped back, “Aww, whatever, I cook, I do it all.”

Katt said, “I didn’t say that you didn’t” as Wanda explained how she cooked for her sons “in the beginning, the middle, and the end.” From there, you could tell this interview was about to go way left.

Watch their entire back-and-forth below:

Red Grant from “Leprechaun in the Hood” then asked her what her sons’ favorite meal from her was, probably in an attempt to stop this Wanda vs. Katt thing from going any further. But Katt couldn’t help himself when she said her sons loved her “broccoli and baked chicken.” He let out a chuckle and said that broccoli is the easiest thing in the world to make, because its main ingredient is hot water.

“Have you ever heard of burned broccoli? Can you burn broccoli??” Katt asked. “You can’t burn it because it’s made in a pot of water.”

Then he made a joke about her next best dish being corn. “What I do with corn… I like to [get] it out that can, and I put it in there. And then I get a can of water, then I put it on there. And then I get some Zatarain’s, they don’t expect that.”

Wanda then talked about Katt going to jail and threw shade at his hair. “Hurry up and get to the salon. Your hair is kinda…” she said before bursting into laughter.

Katt, however, was clearly not amused, as he kicked off a roasting session that lasted at least two minutes while her co-host and the show’s guest laughed hysterically in the background.

Katt Williams: “My hair is 19 inches long and I have no perm. Oops.”

Wanda Smith: “You don’t? That’s not a perm?”

Katt: “No, it is is not, nice lady. Come run one of your gnarled fingers … while you’re on air, so they can hear you lie.”

Wanda: “Come over here.”

Katt: “No, no, no… that’s now that works.”

Wanda: “Oh, OK, well then stay over there.”

Katt: “Don’t worry, ain’t nobody puttin’ their hands through yours.”

Wanda: “That’s right, they don’t have to. I don’t want them to. Get on out of here! You OK?”

Katt: “Only one of our hair is moving while we talk.”

Wanda: “Are you alright this morning?”

Katt: “Tell Wanda to take off them headphones and that wig. That wig and them headphones go together?”

And that was just the first minute! He also called her “The Black Lane Bryant” and told her that he was “not the one” to go back-and-forth with. He also said: “If you can’t get your blood pressure down, you can’t calm me down. Your cholesterol is 600 … You probably shouldn’t talk about sizes. Youg big on the radio.”

Wanda responded saying that he was “big in prison,” and Katt clapped back letting her know that he’s never been to prison, only jail (and there is a difference). “19 felonies, no convictions, knock it off, prison and jail is not the same,” he said.

“Only one of us has $12 worth of jewelry on,” the comedy veteran added. “If you wanna have Wanda’s jewelry, please go to Citgo or QuikTrip at any point. If you buy two packs of Newport 100’s, they will give you everything Wanda has on right now for $7.99, and it comes with a free car wash.”

The clip, which has gone viral, ends there, so we don’t know what else he said, but those first two minutes were more than enough. “I watched the whole interview. He didn’t let up. Straight slaughterhouse,” a Twitter user wrote in the video’s comments.

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