Cardi B is known for her bubbly personality and off the cuff humor, but that doesn’t stop her from receiving criticism from others who feel “offended” by her “jokes.”

Earlier today, the pregnant rapper participated in the viral social media trend of “I don’t care how rich I get…” or “IDGAF how much money I make…” where people say a similar statement followed by something people who are struggling financially do.

Example: “I don’t care how rich I get, I’m never putting more than $5 in my gas tank” or “IDGAF how much money I make, I’m not putting my bills on auto draft.”

Cardi B’s version can be seen below:

The tweet was met with the typical reactions of triggered folks who aren’t hip to the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s humor, as well as tweets from fans defending her.

“I’m sorry but no, there are people who are in desperate need of that assistance,and you are [not] one of them,i love you to death cardi, but that isnt funny,” one Twitterer wrote. D”amn girl I’m sure it was a joke. It’s ok to laugh sometimes….” replied another.

Check out some of the reactions below:

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